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‘Every living organism is fulfilled when it follows the right path for its own nature’. Mark Aurelius
Only once you sharpen your sense of self can you strengthen your relationships with those around you, paving the way to success and happiness in every aspect of your life.
The School of Human Connection exposes you to the important topics of empathic leadership, confidence and building meaningful relationships.

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Success is all about relationships. Join our community today, grow your network and deepen your connections to transform your life by connecting with yourself, with those around you, and with the Higher Power in your life.

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‘Radical acts of self-transformation do not occur spontaneously, meaningful change requires a specific and deliberate act of will.’ Kilroy J. Oldster
We are here to share with you all the insights, knowledge, and tools you need to change your own life. We’re here to welcome you to a community of peers because together, we’re stronger.

We’re Intellectually-Driven

We draw on years of practiced-based wisdom and research into the human psyche to change people’s lives.

We’re Inspired by Curiosity

Curiosity never killed the cat. It made him wiser.

We’re Human-Centric

Numbers and words matter. Humans and relationship matter most.

We’re Worldwide

Study at The School of Human Connection anywhere, from any device.


Sashka Regina Passion/Purpose

Sashka Regina, like you, a Creative Visionary, knows there is more to her than just her profession. Following this lead with her rare gifts, she pushed past being told what she can do.

She authored Soul’d Out: Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, written to discover what your Life Purpose is and how to integrate it into your life and vocation.

Her understandings of the power of your life purpose and dreams and her simple yet mind-blowing systems are transforming the lives of free spirits who are told they ‘can’t’, when in fact they can, all over the world. Sashka empowered hundreds of clients to show that their life purpose is what steers their life, brand and business.

Her words of wisdom will inspire your mind, open your heart, and motivate you into action. You will love her signature Brand Your Soul® approach using creative, wise, humorous and imaginative methods.

Veronica Vazeri Relationship Literacy

Veronica is passionate about all aspects of human connection, as a way to achieve our greatest life potential. Teaching relationship literacy skills, she empowers her clients in the following areas: relationship with self, love relationships, and relationships in the workplace.

Veronica knows how to make sense of endless misunderstandings that haunt our relationships and teaches how to overcome communication barriers with the opposite sex in both professional and personal settings.

She uses both science (logic) and art (intuition) to provide her students with practical, easy-to-implement solutions that bring an immediate positive change to their relationships.

Veronica is fascinated by the power of our words and the wisdom of our bodies and she teaches how to access them to transform our verbal and non-verbal communication patterns. You will learn how to balance your relationship with self and connect with others in a warm and meaningful way.

Andrew Eggelton The HeArt of Presenting

Andrew leads presenters from good to world-class.

With 26 years of experience on stage and camera, he has crafted a unique style of presenting that narrows the gap between who you really are and who you’re being seen as.  It allows you to stand out by being the fullest expression of you, your words connecting with your audience’s heart and soul.

His methodology steps away from the ‘copy and paste’ approach of the ‘technical’ and instead focuses on your Heart Brain and the magic between the words. This ensures that when you do speak,your words match the frequency of your Greatness.

Andrew enables you to discover your value from your unique perspective, which leads to a bone deep confidence every time you speak. You will connect, create change and take the audience on a journey that stays with them long after you’ve left the stage


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