Joelle Merheb Playfulness

Joelle has more than 15 years of experience in business and the arts.

She helps leaders to get more out of life by becoming more playful in a free-flowing fun way, which she creates using Improv tools.
She will empower you to unleash your imagination and spontaneity, using your head, heart and gut. You will laugh and let your guard down focusing on being present and finding joy in the moment.

Joelle is passionate about enabling Executives to become flexible thinkers, to experience a flow of creativity, to create memorable moments and bond with others through play.

She is a founder of Malta Improv Group where she teaches, produces, directs and performs Improv. She also works with businesses to spread the joy of playfulness and help business professionals sharpen their observation, communication and listening skills.

Andreea Zoia Confidence Coach

Andreea Zoia is on a mission to amplify human potential by teaching her students how to build self-confidence.

She had enjoyed a multi-faceted career as a model, actress, and successful brand ambassador for Emirates Airlines, and as a presenter for events by brands like Audi and Hermes.

“I am committed to the people I work with to discover their ‘’Confident Voice”, she declared during her TEDx Talk titled ‘’Me and My voices’’ in 2018, which focused on how to cultivate real connections through meaningful interactions.

She is a founder and a host of “Confidence Talks with Andreea Zoia” where she serves her ultimate mission to grow mindful and inspirational leadership globally.

You will immerse into innovative and engaging learning environment where Andreea will share her mental hacks and useful rituals; visualization practices and NLP tools; international celebrities’ techniques and role plays.

Mohammad RishadFaridi Empathic Leadership

Dr. Mohammad RishadFaridi, MBA, PhD is an Assistant Professor and coordinator of faculty and students development activities, College of Business Administration, Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he teaches Marketing and other business-related courses.

He has over 27 years of corporate and academic experience, working in various organisations across Asia to North America.

Having completed Compassionate Cultivating Training Program, USA, he continued his research into how compassion can be embedded into all business areas – from compassion centric customer engagement to the
organisation’s impact on performance

Dr Faridi knows that the future of marketing lies in the blend of empathy and differentiation. He will guide you on how to boost your competitive advantage through compassion in the era of technology explosion. You will learn the top skills in emphatic leadership so you can unlock limitless possibilities in the economy of imagination.

Veronica Vazeri Relationship Literacy

Veronica is passionate about all aspects of human connection, as a way to achieve our greatest life potential. Teaching relationship literacy skills, she empowers her clients in the following areas: relationship with self, love relationships, and relationships in the workplace.

Veronica knows how to make sense of endless misunderstandings that haunt our relationships and teaches how to overcome communication barriers with the opposite sex in both professional and personal settings.

She uses both science (logic) and art (intuition) to provide her students with practical, easy-to-implement solutions that bring an immediate positive change to their relationships.

Veronica is fascinated by the power of our words and the wisdom of our bodies and she teaches how to access them to transform our verbal and non-verbal communication patterns. You will learn how to balance your relationship with self and connect with others in a warm and meaningful way.

Aimee Leigh Intuition and Foresight

Aimee Leigh is a worldwide intuitive consultant, spiritual teacher, author, and artist. Her work is about inspiring and teaching others to live life as the most radiant capable version of self by developing intuition and becoming energetically aware.

She is the founder of Soul Happy offering intuitive development courses and meditations. You can read her articles in HuffPost, Basmati Magazine, YourTango, and listen to her Intuitive. A Podcast, for intuitive perspectives and teaching series.

For almost two decades she taught hundreds of students how to expand their spiritual awareness, intuitive abilities, and create an authentic life aligned with their truth. She believes when we live intuitively, and trust ourselves, we experience more joy and well-being, which affect our families, businesses, communities and the world.

You will develop your intuition and foresight, so you can make the right decisions and live your life in clarity and alignment with your true self.

Charlotte Greenwood Creativity and Imagination

Charlotte is a creator of the Create Connect movement, a visual artist and a filmmaker. Integrity, authenticity, appreciation and quality, are values that radiate through her artwork.

She has been working in the entertainment business since 1997, creating art for films like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Brothers Grimm, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, James Bond and several of the X-Men movies.

Her expression of creativity, integrity, passion and courage, is the foundation that fuels her mission: to create unity within humanity, by reconnecting humans with each other and to form strong communities who work together to restore and nurture our natural environment.

Her programs invite you to participate in creative challenges, games and activities to nurture self-awareness and re-connect with your imagination, resulting in magical moments shared in real-time. Your mind’s ability to innovate, create and be highly resourceful is boosted, magnifying your inner power.

Vivi Alvarez Signature Style Essence

Vivi is an entrepreneur, personal stylist, mother and a visionary.

Vivi’s passion is to awaken and build her client’s confidence and success.

Our clothes are sending strong non-verbal messages about us to the world. First impressions do matter and are potential deal-breakers in both personal and professional arenas. Vivi helps you understand what messages your clothes are sending and how you can use your wardrobe to change how others perceive you, and even how you feel about yourself.

Vivi believes that each individual has his or her unique signature style. Discovering it is a fascinating process, having the mind and the heart work together to heal insecurities and breakthrough confidence. Your signature style will connect you with your true essence and allow that essence to shine through.

By looking who you truly are, you will feel confident, make great first impressions and connect with others easily.

Andrew Eggelton The HeArt of Presenting

Andrew leads presenters from good to world-class.

With 26 years of experience on stage and camera, he has crafted a unique style of presenting that narrows the gap between who you really are and who you’re being seen as.  It allows you to stand out by being the fullest expression of you, your words connecting with your audience’s heart and soul.

His methodology steps away from the ‘copy and paste’ approach of the ‘technical’ and instead focuses on your Heart Brain and the magic between the words. This ensures that when you do speak,your words match the frequency of your Greatness.

Andrew enables you to discover your value from your unique perspective, which leads to a bone deep confidence every time you speak. You will connect, create change and take the audience on a journey that stays with them long after you’ve left the stage

Sashka Regina Passion/Purpose

Sashka Regina, like you, a Creative Visionary, knows there is more to her than just her profession. Following this lead with her rare gifts, she pushed past being told what she can do.

She authored Soul’d Out: Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, written to discover what your Life Purpose is and how to integrate it into your life and vocation.

Her understandings of the power of your life purpose and dreams and her simple yet mind-blowing systems are transforming the lives of free spirits who are told they ‘can’t’, when in fact they can, all over the world. Sashka empowered hundreds of clients to show that their life purpose is what steers their life, brand and business.

Her words of wisdom will inspire your mind, open your heart, and motivate you into action. You will love her signature Brand Your Soul® approach using creative, wise, humorous and imaginative methods.