Aimee Leigh

Aimee Leigh is a worldwide intuitive consultant, spiritual teacher, author, and artist. Her work is about inspiring and teaching others to live life as the most radiant capable version of self by developing intuition and becoming energetically aware.

She is the founder of Soul Happy offering intuitive development courses and meditations. You can read her articles in HuffPost, Basmati Magazine, YourTango, and listen to her Intuitive. A Podcast, for intuitive perspectives and teaching series.

For almost two decades she taught hundreds of students how to expand their spiritual awareness, intuitive abilities, and create an authentic life aligned with their truth. She believes when we live intuitively, and trust ourselves, we experience more joy and well-being, which affect our families, businesses, communities and the world.

You will develop your intuition and foresight, so you can make the right decisions and live your life in clarity and alignment with your true self.