Andreea Zoia

Andreea Zoia is on a mission to amplify human potential by teaching her students how to build self-confidence.

She had enjoyed a multi-faceted career as a model, actress, and successful brand ambassador for Emirates Airlines, and as a presenter for events by brands like Audi and Hermes.

“I am committed to the people I work with to discover their ‘’Confident Voice”, she declared during her TEDx Talk titled ‘’Me and My voices’’ in 2018, which focused on how to cultivate real connections through meaningful interactions.

She is a founder and a host of “Confidence Talks with Andreea Zoia” where she serves her ultimate mission to grow mindful and inspirational leadership globally.

You will immerse into innovative and engaging learning environment where Andreea will share her mental hacks and useful rituals; visualization practices and NLP tools; international celebrities’ techniques and role plays.