Charlotte Greenwood

Charlotte is a creator of the Create Connect movement, a visual artist and a filmmaker. Integrity, authenticity, appreciation and quality, are values that radiate through her artwork.

She has been working in the entertainment business since 1997, creating art for films like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Brothers Grimm, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, James Bond and several of the X-Men movies.

Her expression of creativity, integrity, passion and courage, is the foundation that fuels her mission: to create unity within humanity, by reconnecting humans with each other and to form strong communities who work together to restore and nurture our natural environment.

Her programs invite you to participate in creative challenges, games and activities to nurture self-awareness and re-connect with your imagination, resulting in magical moments shared in real-time. Your mind’s ability to innovate, create and be highly resourceful is boosted, magnifying your inner power.