Sashka Regina

Sashka Regina, like you, a Creative Visionary, knows there is more to her than just her profession. Following this lead with her rare gifts, she pushed past being told what she can do.

She authored Soul’d Out: Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, written to discover what your Life Purpose is and how to integrate it into your life and vocation.

Her understandings of the power of your life purpose and dreams and her simple yet mind-blowing systems are transforming the lives of free spirits who are told they ‘can’t’, when in fact they can, all over the world. Sashka empowered hundreds of clients to show that their life purpose is what steers their life, brand and business.

Her words of wisdom will inspire your mind, open your heart, and motivate you into action. You will love her signature Brand Your Soul® approach using creative, wise, humorous and imaginative methods.