Vivi Alvarez

Vivi is an entrepreneur, personal stylist, mother and a visionary.

Vivi’s passion is to awaken and build her client’s confidence and success.

Our clothes are sending strong non-verbal messages about us to the world. First impressions do matter and are potential deal-breakers in both personal and professional arenas. Vivi helps you understand what messages your clothes are sending and how you can use your wardrobe to change how others perceive you, and even how you feel about yourself.

Vivi believes that each individual has his or her unique signature style. Discovering it is a fascinating process, having the mind and the heart work together to heal insecurities and breakthrough confidence. Your signature style will connect you with your true essence and allow that essence to shine through.

By looking who you truly are, you will feel confident, make great first impressions and connect with others easily.